Join me as I move my online life from a life surveilled, recorded packaged and sold to the highest bidder, to a life where I own my data and I choose how and if it gets monetized.

I am BitMan 360 and I am on a mission of self decentralization.

About me:

Previously an extreme scooter professionals from Australia, 360 toured the world showing off his extreme scooter skills. In 2017 he got rinsed out by the epic crypto bang that saw bitcoin fall from 20 thousand US dollars to nearly zero. But that did not stop 360, he went on to become one of the most influential vloggers in the extreme scooter sports space, and now aims to leverage that attention into becoming a crypto influencer.

Piloting crypto project 360tailwhipfrontsidetofakeycoin ticker symbol (360TWFSTFC) Along with partners A&G Capital Extreme, in 2018 360 has taken the extreme scooter scene and crypto scene by storm. Subscribe now to follow 360s escapades as he travels the globe. 

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Decentralize Me Too Campaign (2019 – 2020)
The mission of Decentralize Me Too (#dmetoo) is to help those that use centralised services understand how their data is being misused. Many are already unhappy using these centralised services but don’t know where to turn for alternatives.

The Ministry of Decentralization (2019 – 2020)
The Ministry of Decentralization (MOD) formerly known as The Church of Decentralization will grow to become the world’s first DAM (Decentralized Autonomous Ministry) All persons are welcome to join the congregation regardless of their background or knowledge, and will be encouraged to organize their own congregations, once formally enrolled in the ministry.

Music to Decentralize Too (2019 – 2020)
I believe music is the most powerful form of communications, it an transcend language barriers and make bad cunts good cunts again, so i make songs about decentralization, usually cover songs but still sick AF.

ScooterCoin (SCOOT) (2020 – Moon)

It’s never been easier to get paid for scootering, with the innovative new ScootPod you can earn ScooterCoins by performing cool tricks on your own Scooter. Everytime you perform a trick on your Scooter, new ScooterCoins are mined and deposited into your own ScooterCoin wallet immediately.

Disclaimer: Investing is risky, do so at your own risk, 360 advises people to never invest more money than they can afford to lose. This content is suggestive based on past results of 360s abominable trade activity, which has been devastating, and led to 360 being almost bankrupted by Bitcoin and other alternative crypto currencies.

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